If we could enjoy peace and realize that we can get along with each other, even though we have different values...

– Richard Pontzious
AYO Founder, artistic director and conductor

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Running Time: 38 minutes
Twenty-five years ago, China was at war with Vietnam, the Chinese and the Japanese were at loggerheads, and relations across the Taiwan Strait were frosty. In Search of Perfect Consonance profiles the Asian Youth Orchestra, set up against this backdrop with the aim of connecting the region’s young people through music. As we watch the budding musicians of today’s Asia learn to work together, we are reminded of the higher ideals that music inspires.

I have a great belief in the life of music. Everybody’s equal. It’s totally democratic...

- James Judd
AYO Principal conductor

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asian youth orchestra
Mission Is More Than Just Music


You have to only think of music when you play, not think of who is better.

– Tzu Wei Huang
Cellist, Taiwan

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Director, Producer, Editor

Ruby Yang is an award-winning Chinese American filmmaker. She directed The Blood of Yingzhou District, which won the Oscar for best documentary short in 2007, and The Warriors of Qiugang, which received an Academy nomination in the same category in 2011. The Wall Street Journal called her 2014 documentary, My Voice, My Life, one of the “five most essential films” to come out of Hong Kong that year. She now heads the Hong Kong Documentary Initiative at The University of Hong Kong, which aims to nurture the next generation of documentary filmmakers in the region.

In AYO, all our friends have the same passion for music.

– Hoang Ho Khanh Van
First violinist, Vietnam